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Angle Saw Machine

  • Angle Saw Machine
  • Angle Saw Machine
  • Angle Saw Machine
  • Angle Saw Machine
Angle Saw MachineAngle Saw MachineAngle Saw MachineAngle Saw Machine
1. It can be sawed at any angle (0-70 degrees).
2. High efficiency, it takes 100-120 seconds to complete the sawing of Ф 100 medium carbon steel.
3. High precision, the vertical diameter of the saw blade is less than or equal to 0.2 mm, and the thickness of the saw blade is equal to or less than 0.2 mm
4. Good stability, narrow saw gap (less than 1.5mm).
5. When the sawing is completed, it can automatically stop and lift the saw frame, which is convenient for efficient operation.
6. The load of the saw belt can be adjusted to ensure that the band saw will not work fatigue, and the feed speed can be changed steplessly to achieve the best cutting effect.
7. When cutting, the Saw machine can adjust the cutting speed according to the material structure, protect the saw blade and effectively improve the service life of the saw blade.
8. Automatic stop of saw blade fracture.

▶ There are some existing models with fixed parameters;
▶ In addition, we accept customized design requirements, which can be modified according to customer requirements;
▶ Please contact customer service for details, +86 155-6249-6792 thank you!



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