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Vertical saw machine

  • Vertical saw machine
  • Vertical saw machine
  • Vertical saw machine
  • Vertical saw machine
Vertical saw machineVertical saw machineVertical saw machineVertical saw machine
Vertical Saw machine main features:
1. The pulley vertical band saw machine designed and manufactured by our company has made a new breakthrough through continuous technical innovation and development.
2. The workpiece is fixed, the saw frame moves, and the floor area is small. Rack feed is used to move the saw frame, and stepless speed regulation is adopted. Linear guide rail is adopted for travel guide, with accurate positioning and stable performance. The adjustable tungsten alloy clamping plate ensures the cutting degree.
3. It is easy to operate, energy-saving and efficient, suitable for sawing die blank, plate, forging and other steel.
4. The main motor adopts YD three-phase asynchronous motor with protection grade of IP44, cooling mode of ic411 and insulation grade of class B
5. The jaw is hydraulic tightened, and the sawing workpiece is tightened firmly to avoid damage to the saw band caused by the workpiece looseness
6. Accurate balance correction of transmission mechanism of band saw machine reduces vibration and ensures that the saw belt is not easy to break and pull teeth
7. Electrical box: electronic integrated circuit board integrated box
8. Transmission parts to precise balance correction, reduce vibration, unique hydraulic system design, decline speed is stable, this precision system can prevent abnormal damage of saw blade, achieve ideal sawing effect.
9. Hydraulic unit: using heckmann hydraulic power unit
▶ There are some existing models with fixed parameters;
▶ In addition, we accept customized design requirements, which can be modified according to customer requirements;
▶ Please contact customer service for details, +86 155-6249-6792 thank you!



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